Smelling is believing, right?

But seeing is believing, too. And if you think our fragrances are outrageous, wait till you see where they live. You have never seen a perfumery like this before. Our perfumes have been called works of art, but you won’t find any old masters here. Our flagship store is a museum of the absurd and irreverent. With a décor and an attitude as original as our fragrances, 69 rue des Archives is a space of contradictions: a shrine to authenticity and a home for fantasy. Sniff away to your heart’s content, and engage fully in the spirit of our audacity. Find the scent that calls your name. Etat Libre d’Orange, the Orange Free State, is a state of mind. We require no passport or visa – just an open mind. And the desire to be amazing.

Come see us. Let us seduce you in person.


69, rue des Archives
01 42 78 30 09
Open Monday to Saturday
from 12.00 am to 19.30 pm

Ⓜ Hôtel de Ville Ⓜ Arts et Métiers Ⓜ République